Caducian Prescription Medication Management

A seamless solution to a complex medical problem

Caducian saves time and money for everyone involved in prescribing and obtaining prescription medications.

Patients, physicians, clinics, administrators, hospitals, pharmacies, employers, and insurance companies can benefit from our patient-centric Prescription medication management tool.

The Problem

When patients leave their doctor’s office with a prescription, they might not know the cost or problems involved with getting their medication.
  • The medication isn’t covered by their insurance
  • The prescription requires preauthorization
  • They’ll need to pay an exorbitant amount of money out-of-pocket
We’ve all been there—or at the very least, we’ve seen others deal with these challenges while waiting in line for our own medications.
Far too often, the patient will decide not to get their prescription. They may call their doctor’s office in search of an alternative, or they may ration out their medication so that it lasts longer and therefore costs them less money. Our goal is to stop this from happening and improve the lives of patients, practitioners, and insurers.
“Medicines will not work if you do not take them.”

Navigating Medication Management

Having spent our lives in healthcare, we know something most patients don’t: Medications are typically approved by way of population-based validation. This means most medications only require proof that they are effective on some patients.

So, when a category of medications becomes available, the physicians are deciding within a group of options that are most likely to work on the patient, but often in that choice, relative price and time spent to acquire specific medications are unknowns.
Think of it this way: If the doctor recommends taking a sip of cola, and either Pepsi or Coke will do the trick, shouldn’t the patient be made aware of the fact that the Coke costs $1 and the Pepsi will cost the same patient $20?

To make matters even more confusing, the Prescription impact changes based on each patient. A different person may find that Coke is more expensive than Pepsi.

Our application is designed to put an end to this—no more wasted time, no more wasted money.

Our Solution

Caducian offers patients and their doctors the relative Prescription impact of their prescriptions—in real time, from the comfort of the exam room.

We do not affect your doctor’s clinical decision making.

We do not know your condition, diagnosis, or prognosis.

We do not suggest medications or second-guess our clients’ physicians.

Here at Caducian, our sole focus is on all parties’ time and money—period. We provide a viable Prescription medication management tool that can be used directly at the point-of-care.

The idea is to enhance the patient-physician relationship, improve outcomes, and address medication non-adherence. It’s all about understanding the Prescription impact of patients’ prescriptions—before they leave for the pharmacy.

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