What Is Caducian?

Patient-Centric Healthcare Application

Some patients intentionally decide not to take their medication as prescribed by their physician because of unexpected or high relative costs and difficulty attaining medications.

Caducian recognizes this problem and offers solutions to patients, physicians and healthcare providers. We offer solutions that reduce the time and monetary costs of non-adherence to prescription medications.

Addressing Non-Adherence at the Point-of-Care

Caducian is an Prescription rather than a clinical application. This helps all parties save time and money on prescription medication non-adherence.

Our application resolves critical, time-consuming problems such as:

  • What are the relative cost differences of prescription alternatives?
  • What are the patient insurance workflows involving drug payment stage, tier, coverage limits, prior authorization, step-therapy, and other complex topics?
These responses may vary by patient—this is where we come in. Caducian enhances the physician-patient partnership by addressing non-adherence at the Point-of-Care (POC) by sourcing, analyzing and providing patient-specific information.

Insights into Cost Differences and Workflow Solutions

Caducian does not affect healthcare professionals’ clinical processes.

We believe clinical decisions should remain strictly between the physician and the patient. Our application does not forecast the specific costs of prescriptions, but instead sheds light on relative cost differences and workflow solutions.

The result? Time and money saved and a significant increase in trust between patients and providers.

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