Caducian for Patients

Navigate the Uncertain Costs of Medication

We’ve all been there.

We have all gone to the doctor and been prescribed medication.

We have all gone to the pharmacy, only to find that the cost of the medication is much higher than anticipated—even with insurance.

When this happens, you might:

  • Leave the prescription at the pharmacy and call your doctor’s office in search of an alternative.
  • Get the medication, but take less than the recommended quantity in order to “budget” the amount you need.
  • Exit the pharmacy and do nothing at all—no calling your doctor, no picking up your medication.

Reduce Time Wasted and Money Spent

At Caducian, we help patients save time and money—by helping them understand the relative cost differences of medications while they are still in their doctor’s office.
We do not disclose the costs of specific medications. Caducian only shares the relative cost differences of similar medications.
With your doctor by your side, you can discuss your medication options easily and efficiently. And you—the patient—won’t need to navigate the arcane world of medication formularies, step therapies, tiers, prior authorizations, and other complex topics alone.

We do that for you. We do not make any clinical judgments or suggestions, nor do we second-guess your doctor. Instead, Caducian works hard to save you time and money.

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