Physician Office Admin Staff

Caducian for Administrative Staff

Are You Having Fun with Your EMR?

Caducian is a patient-centric application that does not need to reside in your EMR or network.

It will save you a great deal of time—and we all know time is money. From charting and overseeing prescription changes, to communicating with patients and insurance companies, our solution is designed to alleviate common stressors and bring peace of mind to admin staff.
A Stress-Free Solution for Your Office

How many patients have called back to request a prescription change?

What was the insurance pre-approval number? How about the correct fax number—or the correct way to get an exception?

What was the drug payment stage? What was the tier? Did you have the right supporting documentation for that expedited exception? Didn’t the EMR rep say the version with those green smiley faces would help?

Admin staff time spend far too much time on these issues. Caducian is here to help.

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