Why Caducian?

Solution to a Critical Public Health Issue

Adherence to medication is a crucial part of patient care. It helps to keep the patient healthy and allows them to reach their clinical goals.

But poor medication adherence is a common occurrence. It is also a priority in healthcare reform.

Caducian reduces patients’ healthcare expenses and time spent resolving prescription problems by increasing likelihood of compliance

Primary Medication Non-Adherence

Primary medication non-adherence (PMN) occurs when a new medication is prescribed for a patient, but the patient does not obtain the medication (or an appropriate alternative) within an acceptable timeframe.

A World Health Organization report notes that increasing medication adherence may have a greater impact on the population’s health than any specific medical treatment (World Health Organization, Adherence to long-term therapies: Evidence for action, 2003, 211pp, ISBN 92 4 154599).

PMN is widespread. Caducian is here to help change that.

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