Caducian for Universities/Schools

Prescription Peace of Mind for Students

Many universities and schools offer health insurance policies for students. By providing Caducian licenses, you can put your students at ease and allow them to focus on what matters most: academics and the overall education experience.

Lower stress is just the beginning. Finally, students won’t have to worry about understanding their insurance policy’s complex medication provisions.

You want to lower your community’s risk of undue stress. You want to give them a patient-centric medication management application with the highest privacy standards.

You want to give them Caducian.

Why Make Caducian a Part of Your Student Health Insurance Plan?

Our application saves everyone in the healthcare cycle time and money, by helping patients understand the relative cost differences of certain medications before they leave their doctor’s office.
We do not disclose the costs of specific medications. Caducian only shares the relative cost (time and money) differences of similar medications.
As a result, patients can understand their medication options. Students can rest assured they’re getting the most relevant prescription for the best price. We’ll keep them in the loop throughout.

Bringing Clarity to Complex Topics

Students don’t have to navigate topics like medication formularies and prior authorizations alone—Caducian can do it on their behalf.

Our HIPAA-compliant app bridges the gap between patients and doctors, helping university students make the most informed decisions about their prescriptions.

By investing in our platform, universities and schools can add a real asset to their student health insurance plan. Everyone involved benefits from Caducian: from the assurance it brings, to the time and money the platform saves.

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