We offer several yearly subscription pricing models designed to accommodate a range of needs.

Individual direct payments

Some patients only benefit from one particular doctor or specialty subscription (for instance, Pulmonary, Cardiology, Orthopedics, etc.), while others prefer to combine specialties and be covered in any instance.

Group licenses

These are available at a significant cost saving. Group licenses are designed for companies, families, schools, and other entities to provide for their employees, families, students, etc. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Individual Plans:

  • Individual pricing per medical specialty is USD $30.00 per user per year.
  • Individual pricing for all medical specialties is USD $99.00 per year.
    *Be advised that this presently requires beta testing membership. As we provide more specialty coverage, you will be automatically enrolled in a one-year membership from the date of each medical specialty rollout.

Group Plans:

  • Family plans are USD $49.00 per medical specialty per year, or USD $129.00 for full annual coverage as all the medical specialties roll out.*Family plans include parents and children under 25 on the same health insurance.
  • Companies, schools, and other organizations may contact Caducian for details and special pricing.

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