Caducian for Hospitals

Better Medication Adherence

Providers are spending more time than ever trying to reduce prescription non-adherence.

Though healthcare providers value revenue capture and revenue management tools, this can be costly.

Enter Caducian. As hospital patients go through the stages of care—including ICU, the floor, and transition to home—Caducian will reduce the time staff spend on common challenges like patient medication adherence.

Secure and Patient-Centric Approach

Caducian is a patient-centric application and does not need to reside in your EMR or on your network.

Our application does not play a clinical role, nor does it sell, store, or rent patient data. Rather, we only focus on the relative cost structures and procedures involved in prescribed medications. The de-identified data we use is siloed and secure.

Caducian enhances the patient-doctor relationships, strengthens hospital standing, and builds trust for everyone involved—all while saving time and money.

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